From Shreddies to Shutterstock, by way of Apple and Pebble

Proximity ParadoxI was attracted to The Proximity Paradox by Alex Varricchio and Kiirsten May because I work in a university’s research and innovation division and the book’s subtitle is: How to create distance from business as usual and do something truly innovative.

The Proximity Paradox is an easy and fast read. The success stories, from Shreddies to Shutterstock, by way of Apple and Pebble, clearly illustrate…

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A new high school reading list classic?

List of IngredientsMoon of the Crusted Snow

  • An isolated Anishinaabe community
  • Proud, industrious people
  • Disenchanted people
  • Winter coming
  • Rug pulled from under them
  • Agent provocateur

It takes more than the right ingredients to make a story rich and deep, and this is exactly what author Waubgeshig Rice accomplishes with Moon of the Crusted Snow.

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People create books and books create people


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Watch out for Arif Anwar in 2018!

The Storm Book Cover

The Toronto Public Library, an institution all Torontonians are very proud of, has compiled its list of 10 New Canadian Novels it is particularly looking forward to in 2018. On this list, The Storm, by Arif Anwar. Pre-order now from your favourite book retailer. Out in Canada on March 13th and in the US on May 15th.

Hey folks, I know this guy. He’s in our writing group!